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"My father's legacy is how he treated people and that will live on in this company (Worthington Industries) through all those who have worked here, past and present. His principles and wisdom are ingrained in our philosophy and that will never change."
-John P. McConnell


"(John H. McConnell) was a good man and a fine American. His strong spirit affected the lives of many people, and his passion for life will be remembered by all those he touched."
-President George W. Bush


"There is an NHL team, and a terrific arena, in Columbus because of John McConnell. He loved the city, the Blue Jackets and the fans. He will always be remembered for his generosity and civic-mindedness. John was greatly respected and made a lasting contribution to the NHL. The entire NHL grieves his passing."
-NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman


"He was a great friend, businessman, innovative entrepreneur and generous philanthropist. John's civic commitment helped build a greater community and made all of our lives better."
-Columbus Mayor Michael B. Coleman


"He was one of the most unselfish men God ever created. He was a man who knew right from wrong and expected others to exhibit the same approach to life. Mr. Mac earned the respect of all who came to know him."
-Former Columbus Mayor Greg Lashutka


"I didn't really consider him to be an owner. I mean that in a complimentary way. I considered him to be a father or everybody's grandfather. He was very wise, very thoughtful and always very supportive. He didn't seem like an owner. He seemed like your best friend."
-Blue Jackets Head Coach Ken Hitchcock


"The word great gets overused a lot these days, but to say he was a great man would be a tremendous understatement."
-Blue Jackets captain Rick Nash


"Mr. Mac was different. He had a depth of life experience. By the time he got involved with the NHL, he'd had enough life experiences that he was a very wise, patient, intelligent man. But yet when he walked in the room, he was just Mr. Mac. He took all the formality away. He was comfortable on the factory floor, in the dressing room and in the board room. He was the same with the stick boy and the captain. The best way to say it is, he carried himself with an everyman's quality that belied his status. He lived fully and touched a lot of lives."
-Longtime NHL player and former Blue Jacket Kevin Dineen


"He was an iconic personality. He was a motivator. He reminded me of a coach."
-Golf great Tom Weiskopf


"The impression (Mr. McConnell left) was to pay forward, to help other people. I loved his philosophy – the Golden Rule."
-Two-time Heisman Trophy winner Archie Griffin


"The world's a better place because he was in it."
-Michigan State University head football coach Mark Dantonio