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Frequently Asked Questions

Got a question about the Blue Jackets' Game Entertainment? We're here to help!

1. How do I get a birthday recognition on the message board or a visit from Stinger?
Celebrate a birthday, engagement, anniversary or other special occasion with a special message on the center-hung message board during a game. Add to the festivities with a special visit from Stinger. There is a small fee for different levels of recognition which benefits the Columbus Blue Jackets Foundation.

For details on birthday packages, click here, or call 614-246-4152

Click here to download an order form

2. How can I sing the National Anthem at a Blue Jackets game?
The Blue Jackets proudly retain Mr. Leo Welsh as the signature anthem singer. The Blue Jackets do accept submissions for other anthem needs such as Nationwide Arena events. Demos must be of your anthem rendition only, performed a cappella and completed in 90 seconds or less. Demos can be mailed to:

Columbus Blue Jackets
Attn: Event Presentation Department
200 W. Nationwide Blvd.
Columbus, OH 43215

3. How can I ride on the Zamboni?
Zamboni rides are available through a Fan Experience Ticket package and awarded through various promotions, contests and raffles. You can also check with the Pepsi Power Patrol on game night one hour before puck drop - if you're lucky, there may be a ride available! Riders must be at least 5 years of age.

4. How can I participate in a promotion or contest?
The Pepsi Power Patrol solicits contestants to participate in promotions and contests during the one-hour timeframe before puck drop. See a PPP member if you want to participate!

5. How can I get a copy of a Videoboard feature?
If you participate in a promotion or contest on the Videoboard, you can receive a DVD copy of it for a fee of $25. Please complete this form and mail to the Event Presentation department. Make checks payable to the Columbus Blue Jackets Foundation.

Proceeds from DVD orders benefit the Columbus Blue Jackets Foundation's John H. McConnell Scholarship Fund. To learn more about this fund, click here.

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