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Meet your Blue Jackets In-Arena Personalities


Greg Murray

Mike Todd

Leo Welsh
A game night at Nationwide Arena wouldn't be the same without this cast of characters. Together they keep Blue Jackets fans energized with music and voice, and entertain young and old alike with booming power play calls, crazy contests, catchy organ tunes and stirring anthem renditions. Scroll down or click on the name of each of our lovable personalities to learn more about them.

Greg Murray - P.A. Announcer

In 2000 there was perhaps no other game night position search more important than the coveted job of Blue Jackets Public Address Announcer. After a rigorous audition in which several candidates got their chance to demonstrate their abilities during the inaugural pre-season, Greg Murray was chosen to be the in-arena voice of Your Team.

A native of Columbus, Ohio, Murray has seen first-hand the development of the Ohio penitentiary into what is now the Arena District. Greg watched the construction of Nationwide Arena every day from the High Street studios of Q-FM 96 where he worked for seven and a half years.

A career broadcaster, Murray started in college at Ohio University with his first morning show partner (and current Blue Jackets in-arena host) Mike Todd. For several years, they held the record for the longest radio marathon in Ohio history - 99.3 hours on-air, non-stop. Now Murray owns and operates MurrVox, through which he does a variety of freelance radio and television voiceovers.

Murray married his high school sweetheart and together they have two sons who keep him busy away from the rink. At the end of the 2009-10 season, Murray had announced 407 consecutive Blue Jackets home games and looks forward to entertaining Blue Jackets fans for years to come.
Q & A with Greg Murray

Q: What was your reaction when you first learned that you had landed the job as Blue Jackets P.A. Announcer?

A: THAT... is a long story... it'll be in my memoirs. I can say this: from the time I got the position (you can't call what I get to do a job) until this very day, it's been the one I've never wanted to call in sick to.

Q: How long did it take you to perfect your Blue Jackets Power Play call?

A: It took a couple of games in season one. HOW it came about is another very interesting story... also in the memoirs. Long story short - My boss told me to say "Jackets on the Power Play" once, so I did... the NEXT time she said "Do it a little bit bigger this time"... and JOTPP was born.

Q: Do you ever get "Hey, aren't you the guy who does the Blue Jackets games?" when you meet people?

A: Usually it's "Hey, you're the 'Jackets on the Power Play' guy!" That usually follows with a strange look from the person because they recognize with their ears before their eyes.

Q: Alright, 'fess up... who's your favorite Blue Jackets player?

A: Of all time? Probably Espen Knutsen. We called him "train wreck" because he'd hit anybody no matter how big they were. Current Blue Jacket? Mason's a blast to watch, Rick Nash's skill... this TEAM is fun to watch. This is the best sport in the world to watch.

Q: What's your favorite Blue Jackets moment to date?

A: There are so many, but Opening Night 2008 during the moment of silence for Mr. Mac... THE quietest and most poignant moment ever in Nationwide Arena.

Q: What's the best thing about being part of the Blue Jackets Game Entertainment team?

A: I've been fortunate to have discovered what I was made to do. This is not a job to me. I'm given the privilege to sit behind that mic and do what I love to do. Hangin' out with Mike Todd ain't too bad either...


Q: We hear you really like cookies... what's your favorite kind?

A: Chocolate chip... and don't skimp on the chocolate lovin'
For your listening pleasure... the voice of your Columbus Blue Jackets

Starting Lineups

Greg Murray Goal Call


Mike Todd - In-Arena Host

The Blue Jackets have always been very entertainment driven but in 2003 it became apparent that a second voice was needed to deliver the many promotions and contests presented to fans on any given game night. As a result, the position of In-Arena Host was created. The Blue Jackets found the perfect emcee in the always fun, always fan-friendly and always professional, Mike Todd.

Todd is a native of Ohio and grew up in Piedmont on Peidmont Lake. He attended Union Local High School in Morristown and is a graduate of Ohio University with a degree in Communications. While at OU, Todd met Greg Murray, current Blue Jackets P.A. Announcer, and together they hosted the university radio station's morning show, "Murray, Todd and More". For several years they held the record for the longest radio marathon in Ohio history - 99.3 non-stop hours on-air.

After graduation, Mike worked at several central Ohio radio stations and now owns and operates three restaurants in the central Ohio area while also running his own DJ business. Stop by and say hello to Mike the next time you're at a Blue Jackets game!
Q & A with Mike Todd

Q: What made you audition for the job as Blue Jackets In-Arena Host?

A: My good friend Dee Dee Bowers, who is a season ticket holder, saw the job posting on the website and recommended I try out.

Q: What's the craziest thing a fan has done or said on camera at a game?

A: A very large, muscular man proclaimed his love for me.

Q: Do you get recognized around town at all?

A: Yes. I always crack up when it happens. I'm very blessed.

Q: What's your favorite Blue Jackets moment to date?

A: The easy answer is the team making the playoffs. It was great to share that moment with people in the organization as well as the fans. Could not have been prouder. It was magical.

Q: What's the best thing about being part of the Blue Jackets Game Entertainment team?

A: Too many to mention, but I'd have to say working with some folks who I truly care about and interacting with the best fans in hockey... period.


Q: Hey Mr. DJ... what song do you hate to play the most at weddings?

A: Achy Breaky Heart... ugh.

Leo Welsh - Anthem Singer

"Fans, please rise, remove your hats and join us in the singing of the National Anthem of the United States of America, led by Blue Jackets anthem singer Mr. Leo Welsh."

Immediately following this introduction from public address announcer Greg Murray, Nationwide Arena erupts with the cry of "LEO!" as the beloved anthem performer prepares to serenade fans with a commanding rendition of the Star Spangled Banner.

After several seasons of showcasing a variety of singers, the Blue Jackets began an extensive search to identify one singer who could quiet the masses, inspire the team and flawlessly perform both the Star Spangled Banner and O Canada on a regular basis - one singer who the fans could call their own and be an identifiable part of YOUR TEAM. With his rich tone and vibrant rendition of Francis Scott Key's famous anthem, it didn't take long for Leo Welsh to sing his way into the hearts of Blue Jackets fans. Leo has proudly filled the role of signature anthem singer since the 2006-07 season.

When not singing at Blue Jackets games, Leo is an active member of Opera Columbus, where he has performed in over a dozen productions since 2002. In addition, Leo serves as a section leader and soloist for the First Congregational Church.

Leo graduated from Ohio University in 2003 and works at Columbus West Park as a nursing home administrator, while continuing to pursue his musical and theatrical endeavors. Leo resides in Columbus with his wife and their son.

For your listening pleasure... LEO!

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