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Where are all my Jackets fans!?! Hello there, my name is Kaecee and I am beyond excited to spend this season with you! I am one of the Pepsi Power Patrol girls and I can't wait to cheer the Blue Jackets on with your help. Make sure to look for me at games and I might even teach you how to get ROWDY :) See you all soon! And... LET'S GOOOOOO JACKETS!

What is your biggest passion?

I love animals! I have a "morkie"... she's a maltese/yorkie mix. I also have a miniature dachshund

How do you describe your personality?

I am a very outgoing and positive person. I love to be involved with several activities at once because I love to be busy

Where have you traveled?

When I was in high school I signed up for a 31 day backpacking trip around the Pacific Northwest... had to prove those boys wrong!

What is the best concert you've ever been to?

Spice Girls... there's no explanation needed! :)