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Bravo Company 1-211th Aviation Regiment in Afghanistan

In early October, First Lieutenant, Jacob Ingebritson reached out on behalf of his platoon in Afghanistan. Jacob and many of the soldiers in his platoon are avid Blue Jackets fans. In Jacob's letter, he let us know that being able to continue to support the Blue Jackets is one of the few reprieves he and his platoon get from combat environment.

At the Blue Jackets, we believe our supporters are more than just fans, they are a part of our Blue Jackets family. In response to Jacob's letter, our staff is putting together a care package to send to him and his platoon. We would like to invite our fans to write cards, letters, and messages of appreciation for our Blue Jackets family overseas. These messages will be printed out and included in our Blue Jackets care package that will be sent to Jacob and his troop in Afghanistan the week of November 12th.

Please fill out your name and email address and then write a letter from your heart that expresses your gratitude, shows your support, and provides encouragement. In the message, share a little bit about yourself and avoid such topics as death, killing, and politics. You can also scan a card, drawing, or picture and attach it in the box below for us to send as your message.

All messages must be received by November 14th to be included in our Blue Jackets care package.