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Since the inaugural season, a staple on CBJ game days has been the Promotion Teams. Their smiling faces greet fans as they enter Nationwide Arena, they work hard to set up promotional contests and they rally the fans to cheer their hearts out for the Jackets.

The longest standing Promotion Team is the Pepsi Power Patrol. For nine seasons, the guys and gals of the Pepsi Power Patrol, affectionately known as the “PPP”, have entertained CBJ fans both on and off the ice. They hold a special place in CBJ history and in the hearts of CBJ fans. Ask any former or current member and they will tell you how much pride they take in being a part of the PPP and the CBJ family.

As with anything, the PPP have had their share of evolution over the years, most noticeably their uniforms. Every few years, the uniforms are redesigned in order to freshen up the team’s look. Below is a timeline of the progression of the team’s uniforms:

And now, the latest addition to the history of PPP uniforms…
Introducing the new look for the Pepsi Power Patrol!

*Modeled by Kaecee, Gus, and Rachel, current members of the Pepsi Power Patrol