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Black Tie Blue Jackets Style Show



2012-13 Black Tie Blue Jackets Style Show HUB

This year’s Black Tie Blue Jackets Style Show theme is Capturing Moments because that’s what a celebration like this is all about.

Flashbulbs. Spotlights. Applause. Joy.

We’re thrilled you, the fans, are here following along with us for another unforgettable event filled with community, giving and fun.

Pediatric cancer touches kids of all ages, and facing it takes courage and perseverance. It’s a spirit shared by the kids, families, medical professionals and others who work so hard in the fight.

They’re a constant inspiration to everyone in the Columbus Blue Jackets family, and the reason we’ve made pediatric cancer our signature cause. The Columbus Blue Jackets Foundation continues to support the tireless efforts of the hard-working people who help these kids heal and move us all closer to a cure.

Because captured moments like the one you help us make, are all the difference.


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Meet the Stars of the Black Tie Blue Jackets Style Show

We love their courage.

You’ll love their style.

Let’s hear it for the brave kids who make all of this worthwhile.

Addison Henderson
8 years old
Your support helps her fight: ALL leukemia

Addison’s favorite song is Roar by Katy Perry, of course, because this go-getter wants to be a veterinarian when she grows up. Her favorite book? Cat in the Hat. Addison loves to play with her sisters, and they all captured unforgettable moments on a recent Make-a-Wish trip to Disney World. More thrills are yet to come: She says she can’t wait to wear fun clothes and share the runway tonight with the Blue Jackets stars. Addison’s message to other kids fighting cancer: “Take your medicine even if you don’t like it. Be strong!”

Hailey Ell
6 years old
Your support helps her fight: ALL leukemia

Hailey likes all things bright and vibrant. Like the book Pinkalicious…and anything purple! She loves to snack on sunflower seeds and watch the Disney classic Sleeping Beauty. Her favorite school activity? Writing. After her big moment on the colorful runway tonight, she’ll have a new fairy tale of her own to tell. Hailey’s message to other kids fighting cancer: “Keep a smile on your face!”

John Wills
7 years old
Your support helps him fight: Rhabdomaya sarcoma

Talk about an all-American kid: John’s favorite colors are red, white and blue. And for good reason: His dad is a U.S. Naval officer, and it’s something John aspires to, (after all, his dad is his biggest hero). When it comes to sports, he likes a little bit of everything, from golf and soccer to gymnastics. When he was just 4 John tried hockey for the first time…but had to put it on hold when he was diagnosed. Tonight he’s proud to say he’s been cancer-free for a year, and plans to play hockey again soon. John’s message to other kids fighting cancer: “Be brave!”

Griffin Hayden
14 years old
Your support helps him fight: AML leukemia

A determined hockey player before being diagnosed, Griffin is back on the ice and playing once again. He’s the youngest of three hockey-playing brothers: Christian, at Ferris State, and Bailey, for Newark Varsity. Griffin loves Jackets left wing Nick Foligno and can’t wait to meet him and the rest of the team tonight. But above all others, he lists his brothers as his greatest heroes. That’s the kind of loyalty that makes for a true hero, on or off the ice. Griffin’s message to other kids fighting cancer: “Have faith and always keep your head up.”

Austin Schwaderer
9 years old
Your support helps him fight: Medulloblastoma

For Austin, it’s impossible to single out just one favorite Blue Jacket player. He loves the whole team. And we think that’s great. If he could have any power, it would be to fly around and save people, like Superman. But he’d also settle for being a scientist when he grows up – also to help people, we assume. Math is his favorite subject, so we think there’s a good chance it will happen. Austin’s message to other kids fighting cancer is just as inspiring: “Never give up and have all the fun you can while fighting!”

Emily June
12 years old
Your support helps her fight: ALL leukemia

Emily’s like a lot of girls her age. She loves clothes and shoes — and taking selfies looking great in both. But she’s competitive, too, and looks for any chance to play her favorite sport: volleyball. She’s a big fan of the Blue Jackets’ Ryans (Murray and Johansen) but saves her greatest admiration for her mom, Diana. During quieter times, she enjoys art and drawing. We think she’ll be the picture of beauty when she takes the stage tonight. Emily’s message to other kids fighting cancer: “Be strong and stay positive.”

Ian Straight
11 years old
Your support helps him fight: AML leukemia

Even with six brothers and sisters, Ian’s no stranger to the limelight. He was featured in a Nationwide Children’s Hospital Christmas commercial and once helped light the giant Easton Town Center Christmas Tree. He loves the color green and all things camouflage, so it’s no surprise Duck Dynasty’s Jase and Si Robertson are his favorite celebrities. When he’s not chowing down on pasta (sans sauce, he insists) Ian’s probably roughing it up playing football or digging in the dirt. That’s a tough kid right there. His message to other kids fighting cancer: “Don’t give up! You will win!”

Logan Hoosier
10 years old
Your support helps his fight: Juvenile pilocytic astrocytoma

This is a kid with a need for speed! Logan says if he could have one super power, he’d have the ability to run really fast. So, naturally, he’d like to be a racecar driver when he grows up. Logan also enjoys watching Big Time Rush, playing Call of Duty and reading The Otherworld Chronicles. And playing football. And baseball. And drawing. And hanging out with his dad…who probably needs super speed just to keep up with him! Logan’s message to other kids fighting cancer: “Be strong. Be proud of who you are. Ask questions if you aren’t sure of something. We are ALL special.”

Maggie Lyon
6 years old
Your support helps her fight: Wilms tumor

Although she already has two brothers (Luke and Gideon), Maggie thinks of Blue Jacket players Boone Jenner and Ryan Murray as her adopted brothers, and who can blame her? The three formed a bond since meeting at the hospital to play Barbie games earlier in the year. Maggie loves Disney princesses, and is hard at work on a very good deed of her own: collecting crazy, colorful stickers so that all of the kids in the oncology unit can decorate their meds. Maggie’s message to other kids fighting cancer: “Stay strong and keep fighting.”

Ryan Dozer
15 years old
Your support helps him fight: Large B cell lymphoma

This is what brave looks like…Ryan’s as tough as they come. His favorite show is about zombies, and his favorite video game, Battlefield 4, pits him against the world’s worst bad guys. Guess who usually wins? The same goes for his mom and dad, Kurt and Kayce, who started “Fight Like a Dozer,” a group that helps other families cope with pediatric cancer — from mortgage assistance to home delivery of kid-friendly nutrition. Ryan is psyched to meet the players tonight. Right back at ya, buddy. Ryan’s message to other kids fighting cancer: “Keep fighting and take everything like a grain of rice!”

Anastasia Peratopoulos
15 years old
Your support helps her fight: ALL leukemia

Here’s what we love about Anastasia: She’s interested in all kinds of stuff. She’s as happy reading a book (her favorite is Send Me a Sign) as she is riding her bike or, especially, swimming. Her favorite subject at school is history, and when she needs a little down time, she flips on Animal Planet. Anastasia says she might like to be a teacher one day, and with so many interests, we’re certain she’d make a good one. Anastasia’s message to other kids fighting cancer: “Never give up and believe in yourself!”

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