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Hometown Columbus, OH
Hobbies/Interests Country concerts, karaoke, anything outdoors
Favorite Band A blend of country, hip-hop and a little soul
Greatest Accomplishment Winning a karaoke contest at King's Island
Guilty Pleasure Starbucks
How do you describe yourself? Quintessential sagittarius with country girl swag
Fun fact? I share my birthday with Taylor Swift!
Where have you traveled? Mars... still don't understand men though
What is your favorite song? "U Can't Touch This" by MC Hammer... two words: Hammer Pants
Favorite thing about being on the promo team I'm so pumped to rep the Pepsi Power Patrol this season! We've got some exciting games planned, awesome prizes and of course LOADS of T-shirts for the rowdiest fans out there! So come on over to Nationwide Arena - get UP, get LOUD and let's cheer our boys on to a victory!
Favorite CBJ Moment When I first met Stinger :)