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Hometown Ottawa, OH
College Major/Occupation Nursing
Favorite YouTube Video Extremely Scary Ghost Elevator Prank in Brazil
I would recommend the following blog(s) or website(s)
I was introduced to this website earlier in the year. It's very inspiring, and all of the videos/ideas shared are very interesting.
Hobbies/Interests Gymnastics, hanging out with my little nieces and nephews
Favorite Movie Moulin Rouge
Favorite Band Matchbox Twenty
Greatest Accomplishment Finishing my first year of nursing school at Mount Carmel!
Biggest Inspiration My mother, who is the hardest working person I know and exact example of the person I want to become.
Guilty Pleasure BDubs hot wings
Most Embarrassing Moment My most embarrassing moment would have to be when I hit the concrete divider in the parking garage at school. Not one of my brighter moments, obviously.
Favorite thing about being on the promo team My favorite thing about being on the promo team is my teammates! We are all very close to one another, and get together whenever possible. It's refreshing to be a part of a smart and kind group of people.
Favorite CBJ Moment My favorite CBJ moment this year would be during the home opener and cheering at the cannon. There was so much excitement and crowd participation-It was an exciting game!