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Hometown Grandview Heights
College Major/Occupation Aeronautics- Flight Technology
Favorite YouTube Video Look At This:
I would recommend the following blog(s) or website(s)
Hobbies/Interests Skating, writing, traveling, country music, culture, language studies, travel.
Favorite Movie Forrest Gump
Favorite Band Tim McGraw
Greatest Accomplishment In 2009 I was named an All-American at the Colorado Sparklers ASA All-Star Tournament which qualified me to join the USA Junior developmental softball team to train with Olympians. The following year I pursued my playing career on the varsity team at Kent State University.
Biggest Inspiration Absolutely without a doubt my father. My father raised me with my two brothers alone early on and has always been my biggest fan. Without him I wouldn't even know how to ice skate. My father always found the time to entertain our extra-curriculars. He also traveled year round to support my softball endeavors and to fund them as well. He always has a fun time cheering me on and my personal favorite: losing to me in Halo as well.
Guilty Pleasure Chocolate. Cioccolato. Schokolade. Suklaa. And my favorite, czekolada. No matter how you say it, the fancier the better.
Most Embarrassing Moment I can't actually tell you my most embarrassing moment! Here's this though- have you ever gone to 'creep' on someone on Facebook and type their name into your status and not your search bar. Awkward! Hope no one saw that.
Favorite thing about being on the promo team The friends I have made! I mean we're all cut out of the same cloth you know. We love sports, people, and being enthusiast about it all. It's easy to make friends when you are around people who love all the same things as you do.
Favorite CBJ Moment I am a big fan of the Boll-Tootoo fight at the season opener this season. It was right at faceoff, please tell me that was NOT planned! Boll threw more punches and landed more as well. The polls say it was a clear win. The crowd was roaring at the rivals fight and hey has anyone noticed Tootoo’s jersey number this year? To that I say "haha Detroit."