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Hometown Bartlett, IL
College Major/Occupation Human Nutrition
Favorite YouTube Video Gangnam Style CBJ version, or I also get a laugh out of Radioactive by Imagine Dragons
I would recommend the following blog(s) or website(s) One of the favorite accounts I follow on Twitter is @WorkoutHumor
Hobbies/Interests Hockey, Running, more hockey, the occasional good book, and baking...usually while watching Hockey
Favorite Movie All the Marvel Comic Movies
Favorite Band Any and all country bands
Greatest Accomplishment Making over 15,000 people laugh at once when I fell on the ice last year. Not everyone can say they have done that.
Biggest Inspiration My sister -- she has been an amazing role model for me and due to sibling rivalry, I am always trying to achieve things I otherwise wouldn't strive for
Guilty Pleasure A big bowl of Lucky Charms
Most Embarrassing Moment I am generally a very uncoordinated person. One day I was running on high street and managed to trip myself and completely face plant. It had to have been hilarious to witness.
Favorite thing about being on the promo team Being able to enjoy hockey. I love the game. I love the fans. And I love the culture.
Favorite CBJ Moment Every time I get to hear the goal cannon. I think it is a great tradition that is very unique to this hockey club. I love the reaction that ensues from the fans.