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Hometown Dublin, OH
College Major/Occupation Animal Science
Favorite YouTube Video Any of SpeedDrummer88's drum covers. You can tell he is very passionate about playing and enjoys it.
I would recommend the following blog(s) or website(s) Pinterest *warning* It is addicting and you will spend hours on it!
Hobbies/Interests Figure Skating, Playing hockey, and cooking
Favorite Movie Grease
Favorite Band Michael Buble
Greatest Accomplishment Being asked to perform in an ice show in New York. It was an amazing and fun experience to have been a part of!
Biggest Inspiration My dad. He is a fighter and doesn't sit back when things need done. If one solution fails he finds/makes a different one that will work.
Guilty Pleasure My dad's famous Rubber pancakes.
P.S. Don't worry they aren't really made of rubber. :)
Most Embarrassing Moment When I tripped over a construction sign on OSU's campus and did a slow motion somersault out of it. Of course this was right when classes we changing so a ton of people saw it. Talk about having perfect timing!
Favorite thing about being on the promo team The fun all of us have meeting the fans and the friendships that we form over the season with each other.
Favorite CBJ Moment When the Jackets won their way into their first playoff game with a win against the Blackhawks in 2009.