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Hometown Falmouth, Maine
College Major/Occupation Sports Broadcasting
Favorite YouTube Video Is it weird that I enjoy watching hockey fights?
I would recommend the following blog(s) or website(s) I will shamelessly promote my twitter page, @slanouette33. I also find myself spending hours on
Hobbies/Interests Hockey, traveling, rollerblading (so 90's I know), making people laugh, and gluten free goodies.
Favorite Movie Miracle
Favorite Band I wouldn't say I have a favorite band. I love any artist that produces music I can dance to.
Greatest Accomplishment Sports related -- allowing 5 goals against in 21 games my Senior year of High School, and winning the State Championship.
Life related -- graduating High School and attending college.
Biggest Inspiration My family and friends.
Guilty Pleasure My vintage iPhone 3GS and social media.
Most Embarrassing Moment The day I take a tumble in front of 18,000 fans at Nationwide Arena. I have been close a few times in my two seasons as a KIA Ice Crew member.
Favorite thing about being on the promo team I could never pick one favorite thing about being part of the Columbus Blue Jackets promo team. I have met some of the most amazing people, fans and coworkers. I love the opportunities that working for the Columbus Blue Jackets has given me to help pursue my career in the sports world as a reporter. Also, the side work we get to do outside of the rink such as appearances to bring fun and excitement to an event in Columbus and community service work.
Favorite CBJ Moment Every day there is a home game is my favorite moment! I love my job too much.