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Hometown Medina, OH
College Major/Occupation Construction Engineering Technician
Favorite YouTube Video What's YouTube?
Hobbies/Interests Cars, Motorcycles, Sports, Architecture, Live Music, Traveling, Technology and most of all Firing the Goal Cannon!!!
Favorite Movie Tommy Boy
Favorite Band Rush
Greatest Accomplishment Graduating from THE Ohio State University
Biggest Inspiration Having a supporting family that cares for me and I know is there for me whenever I need them.
Cam Atkinson: Short guys, represent!
Guilty Pleasure Chocolate milkshakes
Most Embarrassing Moment My senior year of high school I screamed at the top of my lungs after my teacher said the predetermined "word of the day". My friends all chickened out, but I went for it.
Favorite thing about being on the promo team Great camaraderie, getting loud, and cheering on those Blue Jackets!
Favorite CBJ Moment Witnessing my first hat trick in person last season.