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Hometown Pandora, Ohio
College Major/Occupation Journalism
Favorite YouTube Video Marble Hornets (Slenderman)
I would recommend the following blog(s) or website(s) My (fake) brewery is on Facebook! Fifty Foot Brewery. Watch the horror of the creation of "Scary Good Beer." I don't post a ton so I won't bug anyone too much.
Hobbies/Interests Snow Skiing, Monster Movies, Beer Brewing, Jazz Trumpet
Favorite Movie I love old Sci-Fi films but I really can't pick just one.
Favorite Band Here Come the Mummies occupy most of my radio time currently.
Greatest Accomplishment Like my father and my sister, I marched in The Ohio State University Marching Band.
Biggest Inspiration My wife is the most impressive person I know. This statement is both true AND a bit brown nosing. Hey, after 10 years, I know how to push the right buttons.
Guilty Pleasure Dark Shadows TV soap opera. I don't know why but it makes me giggle.
Most Embarrassing Moment Nearly losing my shorts while water skiing. Thank goodness the skis stopped the "slide".
Favorite thing about being on the promo team The kids make me laugh every game I work. The look in their eyes from terror to ambivalence to awe to joy never ceases to bring a smile to my face.
Favorite CBJ Moment The spine tingling roar of the crowd when the team came out for the first playoff game in Columbus. Nationwide literally shook with energy. I'm looking forward to hearing that again. Soon.