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Hometown Pickerington, OH
College Major/Occupation The Ohio State University...senior!!! I'm a Speech and Hearing major. I love to communicate and it's a joy to aid those in need!!
Favorite YouTube Video Any baby animal video, or the video about two talking toddler twins
I would recommend the following blog(s) or website(s) Facebook is part of staying connected to friends and loved ones. For me, it's a must!!! I also love Instagram! Follow me at SarahLawson1. Pintrest is amazing to learn anything from the hottest trends to any how-to's!!!
Hobbies/Interests I've figure skated competitively since I was very young. About 15 years! I enjoy running and love to read! I'm obsessed with cooking and especially baking!! It's a wonderful stress reliever and I love to feed my friends!!
Favorite Movie Well, I especially love tv sitcoms such as modern family, but a favorite movie would be "Analyze This" ...anything that makes me laugh!!!
Favorite Band I really don't have a favorite. I actually love rap but mostly I just want to be able to dance to the beat and feel happy while listening to it!
Greatest Accomplishment Right now, being in college, I could tell you my greatest accomplishments are school related such as being on the Dean's List, but personally, I believe my greatest accomplishment is having a family who is proud of me and loves me, and friends that have stood the test of time.
Biggest Inspiration My Nannee, grandmother, is my biggest inspiration. She has shown me how to love unconditionally and how to always show others love and kindness. Her spunk and beautiful smile lights up the room. If I could be anything like her, I would be most fortunate. Xoxo
Guilty Pleasure Coffee and chocolate & lots of it!!! I can't go a day without at least a cup of coffee!!
Most Embarrassing Moment In figure skating as a kid I had first learned a jump called an axel. I had just begun to land it solid. My coaches were so elated and put it in my program. At competition I couldn't land it.....SPLAT I fell to the ground over and over again in front of judges that made me feel like I was in the Olympics. But what do they say? Try, try again :)
Favorite thing about being on the promo team Everything!!! The team is the BEST!!! I LOVE to be a part of a team that is so fun-loving. It's such a joy and honor to work with people whose lives off and on the team are an inspiration.
Favorite CBJ Moment There are too many to count!! I'm so happy to have a season this year. One of my favorite moments of many games is when the team earns three goals, and I get to do a chili cheer!!! CHILI!!!!