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2010 Result: Gold medal

Notable NHL Players: Sidney Crosby, Martin Brodeur, Jonathan Toews

The story so far: Canada won the 2010 Olympic gold medal in a
3-2 overtime thriller against the United States in Vancouver. They
had a stacked roster that was firing on all cylinders, and managed
to win gold medal despite a goaltending change midway through
the tournament.

What to expect: The most difficult question for Team Canada on the
road to Sochi: what name do you leave off this roster? The team is
loaded up front, on defense and in goal. Legends and up-and-coming
NHL stars alike fill every spot. Several more Canadians and notable
players are left off the roster not because they are not fully capable,
but because there simply isn’t space for all the star power. Canada
will once again be a contender for gold in Sochi.