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The Columbus Blue Jackets are proud to provide two very popular programs designed to help educators motivate students and make learning fun. The Blue Jackets Student Achievers and Book Jackets programs use the sport of hockey to teach and reinforce the importance of goal setting as a life skill. Student successfully meeting objectives within each program receive rewards including Blue Jackets branded prizes and free ticket(s) to a Blue Jackets game this season.

Each of these programs is flexible and adaptable in order to best serve the needs and challenges of each participating school and/or individual classroom. Best of all, there is absolutely no cost to your school to participate in either of these programs.

Student Achievers

This program provides students in grades K-8 that reach benchmarks established by each individual school or classroom the opportunity to receive a FREE Blue Jackets ticket with each ticket purchased at a special price. (For example, a family of four would receive two free tickets with the purchase two tickets at the special discount price). In addition, each member of the student’s family will receive a FREE Blue Jackets hat at the game they attend. The Blue Jackets supply educators with achievement certificates and teachers determine how the prizes are rewarded, making it flexible, easy and fun!

Book Jackets powered by AEP

The Columbus Blue Jackets Book Jackets program powered by AEP is a reading incentive program established in 2000 to encourage students in grades K-8 to spend more of their free time reading. The program is easy to implement and helps students become All-Star readers with updated reading goals, plus the ability to win great Blue Jackets prizes! Students "keep score" of minutes read throughout a four-week reading period and are rewarded with Blue Jackets prizes upon completion, including the opportunity to receive free tickets to an upcoming Blue Jackets game.

Teachers embrace Book Jackets as an easy to implement, flexible tool that helps promote reading and learning outside of the classroom. Through this literacy program, students are rewarded for personal achievement as they reach various goals and are recognized for classroom success, acting as an important member of their classroom team. After you register for the program below, go to to learn how to implement Book Jackets in your classroom.

Both Student Achievers and Book Jackets are supplemental tools that teachers can use to promote goal setting and achievement. To register for either Students Achievers or Book Jackets, please fill out the form below.

Registration is open until December 31, 2014. After you register, you will be named as a Classroom Captain and charged with implementing your selected program(s) in your classroom. A Blue Jackets representative will follow-up with you to answer any questions you may have and discuss next steps.