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Fox Sports Fan Express FAQ

How do I get to ride on the fan express?
Just purchase a minimum of 40 group tickets to a Blue Jackets home game. Contact the Blue Jackets Group Sales Department today at 614-246-PUCK (7825).

What is the minimum and maximum amount of tickets we can buy for our group to be able to ride in the Fan Express?
Minimum = 40 Tickets/Maximum = 47 Tickets

If we have a group of 20 and there is another group we know that has 20, can we combine our groups to make 40?
No, only one group will be on the Fan Express at a time.

How early will we arrive at Nationwide Arena?
Every effort will be made to ensure you arrive 30 minutes prior to the start of the game.

What is the maximum distance the fan express will travel to pick up a group?
All groups must be within 60 minutes of downtown Columbus.

Where will we be dropped off?
You will be dropped off on West St. located across from the McConnell Entrance.

After the game, where will we meet the bus?
The bus will stay parked on West St. and you will be able to board in the same spot you were dropped off.

How soon after the game is over will the bus leave?
The bus will leave 30 minutes after the game is over. It is the responsibility of the group and the group leader to make sure everyone is accounted for and on the bus when it is ready to leave.

Are we allowed to have alcohol or smoke on the Fan Express?
No alcohol consumption or smoking is permitted on the Fan Express.

Is there an age maximum or minimum to be able to ride the Fan Express?

Will there be a guide on the Fan Express?
No but a Blue Jackets representative will greet your group upon arrival at Nationwide Arena.

What do you get when you ride the Fan Express?
FREE transportation to and from the Blue Jackets game!

Can we bring additional items on the Fan Express?
You can bring snacks and non-alcoholic beverages onto the Fan Express but you cannot bring any food or drink into Nationwide Arena.

How long will the Fan Express be available for use?
The Fan Express will be available for groups from October 11 – December 31, 2014.

Is the Fan Express on Twitter or Facebook?
You should follow FOX Sports Ohio on Twitter (@FOXSportsOH). Fan Express stops and photos will be tagged with the hashtag #FanExpress. Fans are encouraged to tweet their photos to @FOXSportsOH using the hashtag.

FOX Sports Ohio will also post information, photos and videos of the Fan Express on Facebook.com/FOXSportsOhio.