Year on SDIC: 5th

Hometown: Powell, OH

Alma Mater: BA from The Ohio State University; JD Candidate at OSU Moritz College of Law

Twitter: @chotopp92

Instagram: chotopp92

Favorite food: Black licorice and my mom's mac n' cheese

Favorite movie: Pan's Labyrinth

Favorite song: "Sleeping Lessons" by The Shins

Favorite book: Anything that isn't law related. I can't wait to read for pleasure again!

Favorite pastime: Hanging out with my cat and watching TLC.

Favorite holiday: Christmas, duh.

Favorite smell: The pages of old books.

Favorite part about being a Promo Team member: Community involvement and getting paid to do what I love - skate!

Arena District photos – Credit: Red Generation Photography