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The Blue Jackets online community (#CBJ) is one of the most active and engaged in professional sports.

That's a fancy way of saying "our fans are the bomb dot com." And we truly mean it.

Whether it's a new blog, Twitter account or hashtag that trends locally, nationally or worldwide, Blue Jackets fans know how to make it happen in the online world. We've seen things like #CBJMOTB, #WeAreThe5thLine, #CBJSongs and countless others grab the attention of the hockey world - and it's becoming routine for the #CBJ community.

Here we have some of the top blogs in the Blue Jackets community. If we missed yours, tweet us at @BlueJacketsNHL (or you can bug @RobMixer - we encourage this) and we'll amend the mistake.

BS Hockey
One of the newcomers to the #CBJ blog scene, the team at BS Hockey has all the bases covered. They're big into advanced statistics, or #fancystats if you will, but will chime in with player analysis, game coverage and more. Jeremy, Nick, Avery, Matt, Mark and Sam are bringing it with their new site and we highly recommend it. Add this to your bookmarks.

The Union Blue (tUB)
This blog also has it all. Prospect guru CBJ Prospects brings you up-to-the-minute coverage of the Jackets' future stars both on his blog and on Twitter, while The Coach breaks down video, Ken shares his fantastic photos, the team looks at numbers (more advanced stats love here, too) and there's plenty more goodness going on here.

The Cannon (SB Nation)
Matt, Dan, Mike and Jeff are the commissioners of SB Nation's Blue Jackets blog, aptly named for the 1857 Napoleon field cannon that sits above section 111 in Nationwide Arena. If you like podcasts, game breakdowns and in-depth features, this is the site for you. You may even learn a little about Canada, as Mike resides in beautiful Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Dark Blue Jacket
One of the originals, DBJ has undergone some changes recently but Morgan and Gallos are picking up where founder Tom left off. DBJ recaps each Blue Jackets game, offers commentary on team news (often with a side order of snark) and much more. Morgan is also a founder of DKM Hockey, which we'll discuss below.

Distinct Kicking Motion (DKM Hockey)
You know these guys for their podcast - and so you should. It's got insightful opinions from passionate Blue Jackets fans, occasionally twisted humor and a heavy dose of hockey talk. The DKM Hockey podcast can be found on their blog (click the handy link above) or you can subscribe on iTunes.

Union & Blue
This blog is hosted on the FanSided network which works in conjunction with Sports Illustrated's (SI Now) online community. U&B editor Julia Lawrence is a diehard Blue Jackets fan and strives to bring the latest and greatest fan-generated content to the site, and she has a dedicated team of contributors who make the blog even better. Looking for a great mix of news and commentary? This is the place for you.

The Hockey Writers' #CBJ staff
Led by your resident Blue Jackets therapist (@CBJTherapy), THW has a three-man team covering all things Jackets around the clock. The community's lead therapist is supported by Roarke Boes and Geoff Hammersley, who combine to form a solid three-man team.

Chattin' Bout Jackets
Part of the Faceoff Violation network of hockey blogs, Chattin' Bout Jackets (with the appropriate CBJ acronym - bonus points!) has it all covered. Off the wall, outside-the-box hockey topics? Check. Opinions and commentary? Check.